The story of Memme Majutus

Memme majutus was named in the memory of my dear mamma Alice Kantsi, who provided accommodation for holidaymakers arriving from Russia in that very house in early 1960s. “Memme” was my great-grandmother, who preferred to be called Memme by her grandchildren. That tradition was continued also by their children and grandchildren.

Back then, Pärnu was a popular resort and every summer, the city was packed with tourists. Since Memme was a trained masseuse, she offered additional value to accommodation.
In Memme’s childhood, when Estonia became independent, warm black and white breads were sold at the historical house, which served as a bakery.
When Memme passed away, I was 3 years old, but I know that she spent a lot of time with me, and stories I heard about her became my source of inspiration for recre

ating her traditional, cosy accommodation with added value.


pilt heike

I often find myself looking at that old black-and-white photo. It reminds me of the safe childhood Sunday mornings with Memme’s warm pancakes and heart-felt caresses she was generously giving. I know that Memme would approve of my decisions enthusiastically. I can feel her support and warm, friendly spirit every time when I am tidying the rooms for you, dear Guests.

My gratitude goes out to my Memme and you, dears, for taking part in the story of a family’s traditions.

Hostess of Memme Majutus,

Heike Pettinen

 Memme majutus väike Memme Majutus OÜ  
Karusselli 46, Pärnu linn, Pärnumaa 80017 
Tel: (+372) 5341 4679  
E-mail: info(at)
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