Massage helpes to relax painful and tense muscles. Massage is good for skin, it improves blood circulation and activates the lymphatic circulation. Massage relaxes and is great way to prevent diseases and restore the inner balance. 

Massage pricelist


MASSAGE 01.06-31.08

1.09 - 31.05

Classical massage 1h/25€ 1h/20€
Honey massage 1h/35€ 1h/30€
Aroma massage of the stressed nape and shoulders 45min/35€ 45min/30€
Head area massage 30min/20€ 30min/15€
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Classical massage

Classical massage also called as Swedish massage is the most common massage types with a variety of different movements and techniques complex. Classical massage relaxes painful and tense muscles, accelerates metabolism, activates the lymphatic circulation, cleans the organism of waste substances, improves blood circulation, has a relaxing effect against mental and physical stress and course of massage treatment will increase organiscm`s ability to resist diseases.

100% natural honey massage

Honey massage originates from Tibet. Honey massage normalises blood pressure, purifies the organism from toxins, is suitable in case of stress and fatigue, alleviates joint and muscular ailments, skin becomes smooth and elastic.

Aroma massage of the stressed nape and shoulders

Aroma massage of the stressed nape and shoulders alleviates the muscular tension, alleviates pain, improves blood circulation and metabolism, alleviates stress and restores the capacity for work.

Head area massage

Restores the inner calm which in its turn activates physical healing, creates balance between body and soul, decreases the level of stress hormones in the body, improves the blood supply in the scalp, metabolism and work of fat glands, relieves chronic headache.

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