Package Aloha with a visit to the surf centre (June - August)

  • 2 nights at the cosy Memme guest apartment
  • 1 active day at the Aloha Surf Centre, Pärnu beach (you can use a SUP, kayak, and skim throughout the whole day without worrying about the time)
  • During the day, you can use a wetsuit, if you need one
  • Enjoy the sun and beach fun on the comfortable summer terrace of Café Aloha

NB! An early booking discount applies to this package.

The discount price applies to all that book a summer holiday before 31.05.2018

Price for 2     € 240 (discount price € 199)
Price for 4     € 360 (discount price € 299)


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 Memme majutus väike Memme Majutus OÜ  
Karusselli 46, Pärnu linn, Pärnumaa 80017 
Tel: (+372) 5341 4679  
E-mail: info(at)
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